Imma Nic

 Denise & Felicia, CEO & founder of Imma Nic, INC  has come to together to help formulate hair products for women with natural hair.  We have designed a product rich with organic oils and herbs to help your hair grow healthy and strong.  We have realized that the biggest problem with natural hair is finding products to help fight the battle against dryness from using heat appliance, brittle hair from lack of nutrients that our body cannot produce like almond,flaxseed oil and more. 

 The biggest problem of all time with natural kinky hair is shrinkage! Because of our naturally curly hair texture it is hard to know the true length of our natural hair. Our product will works well with curly and kinky hair textures, to help alleviate these stubborn issues.

 The goal of our products is to help retain moisture, shine and long lasting curls. Our passion is to make women with natural hair feel confidence and beautiful.